About The YNOT Summer Camp

The YNOT Summer Camp was founded in July 2004 by the Board of Directors Youth Now On Track Services (YNOT).  Youth Now On Track Services is a registered charitable organization which caters to the low income families in the surrounding community.   Located at 2300 Shepherd Avenue West near Weston Road in North York, YNOT has implemented and supported many programs for youth and their families.

The YNOT Summer Camp is a fun filled and adventurous day camp for children between the ages of 5 and 12.   The summer camp is a six weeks long fun, creative and exciting kids` camp which commence annually on July 2nd, 2019 through to  August 9th, 2019.

The cost of the camp is

  • $55 per week for one child,
  • $105 for 2 weeks for one child, or
  • $200 a month for one child.

This helps to cover our costs of craft materials, activities and trips.

Through the weeks we will engage the kids in fun and exciting activities that stimulate their minds and creative skills.   We have lots of daily fun activities that appeal to kids` imaginations and allow our children to feel comfortable and content with being a happy, cheerful and adventurous child.

Each week we have a theme that creates the platform for five days of endless fun activities.  Themes like Medieval Times, Fairytale, Mad-Scientist, Sports-Mania, Music and Dance, etc.   Each week the campers have lots of fun doing these activities that allow them to use their imagination and skills to bring to life theme of the week.   In Fairytale week the campers will take on the fun roles of being princes and princesses and have lots of fun working and playing together.

Some of Our Daily Activities:

  •  “Cool -Words of the Day” (respect, confidence, friendship, forgiveness, happiness, love, etc.)
  •  Fun Minute to Win It Challenges
  •  Fun Team Work Challenges
  •  Exciting group work (skits, cheers, arts, etc.)
  •  Fun Team Games
  •  Fun Educational Activities
  •  Fun Science Experiments
  •  Fun and Adventures trips

Our Weekly Trips:

  • Adventurous Museums
  • Fun times at animal Farms and Zoos
  • Visits to some of Toronto`s most adventurous parks
  • Family Fairs
  • Community Outdoor parks for fun and exciting sporting games and activities.
www.YNOTServices.org  and  www.YNOTSummerCamp.com
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