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Safety Rules and Regulations

  2. NO Profanity or Horseplay ALLOWED
    (NO Kicking, Hitting, Spitting, Fighting, Shoving, etc.)
  3. NO Running in the room or the Lobby
  4. NO Gum, Food or Drink Allowed in the Gymnasium
  5. Each Child MUST Stay with their Assigned Group & Counselors.
  6. Parent/Guardian may be called to Pick Up their child if the Program Counselors find that the child is Sick or for Disruptive Behavior.

    • The Parent/Guardian or their alternate designate will be contacted to pick up the child from Summer Camp. 
    • In the case where the Parent/Guardian or alternate can not be contacted or there is an immediate medical need, YNOT staff will transport the child to hospital to get the required medical attention.
  7. Parent/Guardian must come into the camp to sign their child in & out eachday they participate. No student will be allowed to leave the building without a parent/guardian. (Arriving NO earlier than 7:30am & Picking up NO later than 6:00pm.)
  8. NO CELL PHONES. Please take them when you drop off. We understand the need to keep in touch with your child. Should you need to speak with him/her, or your child need to speak with you, a member of our staff is available to connect you by phone.
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